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Present Continuous Tense - Affirmative and Negative

Beginner level

In this lesson, Ss will learn to talk about the current time period in the context of holiday. It is going to be a little related to the previous day's TPs which were also about holidays but in the <b>past</b>. There will be pictures of Liz on holiday. T will model the target language through these pictures. Then, there will be a H/O of two model sentences for Ss to answer meaning questions and figure out the form, which is followed by drilling the pronunciation. Then there will be the contro...


work, places

Beginners, a1 level

In this lesson, Ss can learn about different jobs and workplaces. they are also supposed to learn different forms of collocations by focusing more on prepositions. Teachers can do it by enlarging the pictures and introducing themselves by telling about their job and the place where they work. Ss also can learn it by matching the pictures or working in groups in order to use the words accurately and fluently. To add extra information about jobs Ss can be put in a conference game ( preparing...


Reading and Speaking (Question Formation)

Intermediate level b2 level

In this lesson, students learn about coincidences through reading texts about American presidents. The lesson will start with a discussion on coincidences, followed by a reading on the texts provided. They are then asked to prepare questions based on the reading, which will follow a speaking activity. They will also be asked to find coincidences between themselves with a final speaking activity at the end.


Zafer - Summer School 1

2nd grade revision level

Two students preparing to enter the second grade. Theır level tests showed a need to revıse some of the skılls found ın fırst grade.


Talking about people you know

Beginner a1 level

In this lesson we start by introducing Donna`s family. Each family member lives / works in different parts of the world. This is shown with a world map and their pictures on it. This is done as a preparation for the listening practice. Present sipmple positive will be used during the exercise.



Upper level

In this lesson the students will practice reading. To start the students will discuss two pictures, then read for gist followed by detail. In the latter part of the lesson students will focus be reminded of narrative tenses from their readings and then practice them with with writing their own narratives. and in the second part practice speaking through prepared discussion topic cards.



B level

In this lesson , students will be introduced to clauses of contrast and purpose in the context of advertising. The context is going to be set through a picture at the beginning by having students elicit some ideas and then listen to track in order to prepare for the grammar part that will be clarified through a guided discovery handout.


Teaching practice 1b

Upper-intermidiate level

In this lesson Ss are going to read and talk about magical places around the world. There will be scanning and skimming activities. They will learn how to produce impersonal passives sentences. finally they are supposed to write a short paragraph about the magical places and try to use the grammar in their language .


Speaking Lesson about Life Experiences

Upper intermediate, b2 level

In this lesson, the Ss focus on life experiences and how to describe them. First, they listen to two recordings about two people for specific information and fill in the chart. Then, they focus on interviewing and prepare some interview questions about these people. Next, they individually work on new phrasal verbs that were used in the listening, after which they discuss some questions in groups to practice using these new lexical items. Later, they focus on word stress by practicing some of...


Telling an anecdote

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students will practise telling an anecdote to their partners. In order to do this they will read texts first to see a model for their speaking. Later, they will notice useful language for themselves with the help of guided discovery. Finally, students will prepare stories and tell them to their partners.
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