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Thursday, 3-6, 1

Elementary level

In this lesson we start working on "Let's talk 2" by reviewing <b>simple</b> phrases and questions in present, <b>past</b> and future.


TP #8 | Listening Past & Present Simple

A1 (beginner/elementary) level

In this lesson, sts will review and learn about lexis, practice listening for detail, and practice speaking for accuracy in the context of having a pretend day off.


Changing lives- Grammar

Intermediate level


Speaking for Elementary December 12, 2019

A2 level

In this lesson, students will practice speaking for fluency in the context of memorable night. The lesson starts with a picture projected on the board. Then T tells a story about himself related to the picture. Students will then engage in some questions about their memorable nights and they will be asked to work in pairs. After that they will read two different texts in two groups and will be asked to answer the following questions. They will then change groups and ask each other. Finally th...


Grammar lesson

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students are going to be introduced to grammar, specifically, to the difference between the <b>past</b> perfect <b>simple</b> and continuous through a text then some examples. After that, they are going to do some pronunciation practices focusing on irregular verb forms.


Present perfect simple & continuous TP 1

B2 level

In this lesson, students will learn more about the present perfect <b>simple</b> and continuous in the affirmative forms. The lesson starts with a lead-in that introduces two songs that include the target language of the lesson. Then, the students will be exposed to two texts that have the target language and in groups, they will try to answer some questions about the text. After that, the students will be shown some examples and the teacher elicits the target language of the lesson. Next, th...


TP 4. Ahmed Nouri

Intermediate level

In this lesson,Ss learn about present perfect <b>simple</b> and present perfect continuous in the context of Relationships. The lesson starts with controlled practice through completing statements with words in the context of relationships.



A1 level

In this lesson, students practice <b>past</b> and present <b>simple</b> tenses through a text about housework.They will start with some questions followed by jigsaw reading and completing tasks throughout the class.At the end, there is a semi-controlled practice for the students to talk about their own families and experiences.


Philip's Lesson: Grammar and Speaking

Intermediate level

In this lesson students learn about the present <b>simple</b> and continuous,action and non-action verbs through a guided discovery based on a listening text about the restaurant.The lesson starts with adiscussion about best foods.This is followed by a guided discovery group exercise.Then students start again on an activity (ss) before pair work.Students learn more about present <b>simple</b> and the <b>past</b> continous with more practise activities as well.Ss make questions through pair...


Review of Simple Present Perfect Tense through for and since

A2 level

In this lesson students will review the 'unfinished <b>past</b>' function of the <b>simple</b> present perfect through use of time expressions "for and since". Following extracting the language from the pre-analysed reading text the class will review/learn about the meaning, form and pronunciation. They will also do two controlled and one (freer) semi-controlled practises to consolidate the meaning and form of the target language
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