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keeping in touch page 120\ 121 new cutting edge elementary level

Elementary level

In this lesson Ss will focus on receptive skill of reading and sub aim is vocabulary . in this lesson Ss will learn about ways of communication . now and in the <b>past</b> how these ways help us to communicate with others. We are here in Egypt ,in Damitta we can send e-mails and other things immediately to some one in America .but all ways are useful all the time for all ages . I will start the lesson with <b>simple</b> task .some photos to ways of communication .ASK ss to put them in o...


Work & Leisure - Grammar

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson Ss learn the present perfect, have been & have gone in the context of amusement parks and fun experiences. I'll set the context with an exciting video of a roller-coaster. Then we'll move into a reading to set the stage for the TL. Once Ss are familiar with the TL I'll begin presenting the grammar. First comes present <b>simple</b> (accompanied by an exercise), then have been/have gone (accompanied by an exercise). From there we'll have a game to get some words on the board so...
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