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Beginners level

In this lesson, students will review <b>past</b> vocabulary of family and common household objects, prepositions , contractions, and age collocations. Exercises will focus on listening for specific details and speaking.


Speaking: anecdote

Intermediate level

In this lesson students are going to listen about a man (Jake) who was in a dangerous situation, revise present perfect <b>simple</b>, learn the stages of telling a story and are going to practice speaking telling a story.


TP7 Grammar: Present perfect/past simple yet/already/just

Pre-intermediate level

The context of receiving communication in an office will have been set by Charmaine's earlier lesson. Present perfect/simple <b>past</b> structures using yet/already/just will be exposed to students. Use of the verb forms in sentences similar to: He’s just come back I’ve already seen the note. He doesn’t know yet. will be clarified and drilled. Students will have controlled practice with sentences involving these structures within the context of office communication. The freedom of thes...


TP5 - Productive Skills

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will learn how to tell and respond to a story using <b>simple</b> lexis with speaking practice.



Upper intermediate level

In this class the students will gather relevant vocabulary in the context of Turkish Cuisine, specifically the dessert 'Baklava.' They then have the opportunity to practice the TL in a speaking activity i designed myself, a <b>simple</b> board game that opens up descriptive conversation about Turkish and International cusine. They can personalise the topic with certain questions aimed at the food experience they have had in the <b>past</b>. This is a relevant subject and in the coming days at...


Teaching Practice 1

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, the <b>past</b> continuous tense will be introduced to the students. It will be in the context of meeting someone, which will be set and introduced by pictures of people meeting. They will do matching exercises, <b>simple</b> fill in the blanks, pronunciation, and a short listening task for gist and specific information. This will follow up with a speaking activity, sharing their people meeting experiences.


Describing Your Home , Grammar

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students will review the 'unfinished <b>past</b>' function of the present perfect tense through the use of time expressions "for and since". The SS extract the target language from reading text after they review , and learn about the meaning, form and pronunciation. They will also do a semi-controlled practice to consolidate the meaning and form of the target language.Finally , they do a free practice exercise to use the TL they have learnt.


TP3/Grammar-Present Perfect Simple

A2 level

This will be a TTT (Test Teach Test) lesson. In this lesson, the students will be focusing on the present perfect for experience. The Lesson will start with a 'finding the infinitaves for the <b>past</b> participles' activity, followed by a mini 'Have you ever....? introduction. The stst will proceed with a controlled gap fill. Closure will be till be with a controlled and a semi controlled activity.


present perfect simple and continues

5 level

Ss learn about the present perfect in both forms the <b>simple</b> and the continues


Parents and teenagers

Pre-intermediate (a2/b1) level

In this lesson, Ss will be introduced to the present perfect to talk about the recent <b>past</b>. The context is parents and teenagers
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