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Need anything from the shop?
Intermediate level


In this lesson the students will learn different vocabulary related to shopping (e.g. products, the names of the containers, regularly asked questions in shops). The structure of the vocabulary presentation will follow the format of Elicit, Concept Check, Drill, Write, and Stress. A game will then be played about shopping. This game will encourage team work and motion around the classroom. This will be followed by written vocabulary and pronunciation exercises.


Abc Food containers
Abc Food containers
Abc Food containers
Abc Food containers

Main Aims

  • To provide pronunciation practice and fluency when talking about shopping.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Fluency in speaking about shopping.


Warmer (5-6 minutes) • To have Ss introduced to the topic of shopping

Ask Ss general questions about shopping: What are the different things you can go shopping for? What do you like shopping for? Do you buy all your food on a particular day or do you pick things up everyday? Where do you like to shop? Do you like shopping in an open market or closed shopping centre?

Introduction to vocabulary about food containers (4-5 minutes) • To have the Ss practice pronunciation of vocabulary

The teacher will have a shopping bag with various food containers in it. Teacher will show some of the containers to the Ss to elicit the words. Some of the words will be elicited through stories. Words are: bottle, can, carton, jar, packet, bunch, tin, tub, and punnet. Once the words have been elicited, they will be concept checked (e.g. Can I drink from a packet?) and drilled. Then they will be written on the board and stresses marked out.

Controlled practice (1) (4-5 minutes) • To have Ss use their knowledge of the vocabulary

Ss will work in pairs or groups of three and fill out the HO with different foods that come in the different containers listed. Teacher will write sentence 'I think a _____ of _____ costs around 1 TL'. Ss will be asked to discuss what prices they think the various items that they have listed cost. For feedback ask a Ss to give a sentence for each of the various containers.

Controlled practice (2) (4-5 minutes) • Ss can recognise relevant vocabulary, in the context of shopping

Shopping game: Ss will split into two groups, and be given the cut out words for the game. Groups will work as quickly as they can to stick the relevant words under the shop titles 'Shopping Centre' and 'Butcher'. Ss will sit down and then be given an answer key. They will go and check each others answers.

Listening excercise (2-3 minutes) • To remember the vocabulary on the context of shopping.

Ss will listen to a shopping list and try to repeat it. Feedback by getting students into pairs and they will discuss their lists.

Freer Speaking practice (6-7 minutes) • Speaking fluency

Students will be split into three groups and given a shopping list. They will discuss what kind of person has made the list. They will say which items on the list they buy themselves. They will tell their groups five items they normally buy in a week., and five items which they don't buy on a weekly basis.

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