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Intermediate b2 level

In this lesson students will get to practice past simple and past continuous verbs and deepen their knowledge of these two tenses by understanding when speakers of English use these tenses. The lesson will start with pair work activity where Ss get to decide when we use each tense while referring to 2 sentences written on the board stressing meaning. After eliciting from Ss the correct uses of the tenses, we'll move to timeline display of their use, as well ...


TP 5

Pre -intermediate level

In this lesson Ss learn the past continuous tense.The lesson is based on grammar..Ss learn the meaning and the form of the past continuous tense and use it in speaking activity with their partners.They also work on pronounciation past continuous tense.


Past Continuous

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students will learn about past continuous, based on some pictures of couples and the relationship between them, Listening and checking their predictions, and focusing on form and pronunciation.


Celebrities lesson, Past Progressive Tense

Intermediate level

In this lesson, sts learn about past continuous tense through short texts about some celebrities. In the beginning of the lesson, I will place the pictures of those celebrities on the WB. After having short conversations about them, in the second exercise, sts will read the texts and see if they are right. Through the following exercises, sts will be shown the form and the uses of past continuous. Also, to clarify the meaning, I will explain past continuous by comparing it to simple pa...


TP 2: New Storıes

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson Ss are going to revise and compare past simple and past continuous tenses, use past forms of regular verbs. SS will be engaged in GW and PW as they are going to develop their productive skills, making up stories, dialogues, discussing situations. We will also work on the correct pronunciation of the verb "to be" in its past forms, discuss the spelling of some verb changes in past simple and past continuous.


past simple and past continuous

Intermadiate level

in this lesson, Ss will learn about the past simple and past continuous through a story using past simple and past continuous. I will start the lesson by asking Ss about the happiest events happened last weekend and what they were doing during it. I will elicit the difference between the past simple and past continuous.I will check the meaning, form and the pronunciation of both tenses. Then Ss will practice writing four events happened in the past.


Past Continuous Tense

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students will learn and practiced the past continuous tense in the context of working at schools. They should also be able to use it in their speaking, so we will practice that.


Art and Music - Grammar

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will learn about the past continuous tense through the topic of Art, and through speaking activities. The students will begin with a warm-up where they will need to speak in pairs about a time when they did something cultural. We will refer back to the text that they read in the previous lesson to find examples of the past continuous, and they will speak in pairs to complete the sentences. After learning the grammar, if we have time, students will test their un...


Narrative tense: Past simple, past continuous and pat perfect

Upper intermediate, b2 level

In this lesson, students are going to learn about narrative tenses: past simple, past continuous and past perfect based on a reading text about "performance art"


Teaching practice 3

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will focus on narrative tenses. Initially, Past Perfect Continuous was the target language. But according to the group level and skills and the absence of past perfect continuous usage in the Textbook, the lesson will be more centred on the integration between Past Simple, Past Continuous and Past Prefect in terms of narrating. Students will also practice their reading for gist and speaking skills.
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