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B2 level

In this lesson Ss learn how to use quantifiers with countable and un countable nouns. The lesson starts with a short entertaining video clip about some of the quantifiers like too many, too much, and so on. It will involve Ss to the topic. Then we do a quick test on Ss previous knowledge on the topic, using fill in the gaps exercise. It will be done by Ss individually followed by a pair check, and finally the answers will be checked through the listening. At this point, Ss might need to be cl...


Mami lesson -Quantifier

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss learn about quantifiers through guided discovery based on an exercise about food. The lesson starts by showing Ss a picture of a girl drinking water and beneath it a wrong sentence by using many instead of much. Ss will correct the sentence and will understand that the lesson is about quantifiers. This is followed by an exercise about food. Ss must out the appropriate quantifier in the gap. The teacher asks his Ss to work in pairs and later they will check the answers by ...


Grammar: Quantifiers

Pre-intermediate,a2 level

In this lesson,students learn about the quantifiers used with the plural countable nouns and the uncountable nouns based on a reading text about living in a town called’’Montreal’’ in terms of advantages and disadvantages or its positive and negative features.The lesson starts with setting a context by eliciting the word ‘ ‘Town’’ and writing it in the centre of the WB and Sts’s mind-map about town in terms of ‘‘ A good town’’, and ‘‘ a bad town’’ eliciting ralated vocabulary from the stud...


Mahmoud Elsayed,Grammar

Intermediate level

In this Lesson, students will discuss quantifiers. First, they will listen to complete the gaps with quantifiers.Then, they will categorize the quantifiers into three lists which are countable, uncountable, and both. After that, they will work in pairs to discuss which quantifiers best complete the sentences in practice 1 about the university or the place tf work. Finally will work in groups to discuss the place where they live using appropriate quantifiers by using things that are in t...


TP 4b: Quantifiers

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students will be exposed to and do multiple practice activities with quantifiers. After a speaking warm up, a short grammar activity will confirm how familiar this group is with quantifiers. Familiarity with countable and uncountable nouns will be assessed and this topic attended to with a brief lesson if necessary (this grammar point might be familiar to this group of students). This is followed by a more formal grammar lesson on the subject of quantifiers. A fill-in-the-blan...


Shopping (Grammar/Listening) Quantifiers

B2 level

In this lesson Ss will learn about how to use quantifiers with and without "of". This will start off with an exposure task and listening task to identify the missing words in the text. Then they will go through a guided discovery to explore the use of quantifiers more. Once the aim is met Ss will practice quantifiers by adapting a text to fit their city and speaking about it.


Teaching Practice 4

Pre-intermediate level

Quantifiers in the context of shopping. The class will start with students discussing their own mall preferences to activate schemata and keep them interested in the class. Next students will be handed out a percentage line to gill in the gaps with some quantifiers, this stage is for teacher to test students comprehension of the amount these quantifiers suggest. With another controlled activity teacher will check if the students are comfortable with the meaning and the form of the TL. Then t...


TP 7 Food For Thought

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss will learn and practice the usage quantifiers (a lot of, some, many and much). They will identify the rationale behind using those quantifiers through a guided discovery task. Also, Ss will use these quantifiers along with countable/uncountable nouns in a natural context of food through controlled practice. Finally, Ss will describe the amount of food they eat on a daily basis and how much food they should have for a specific occasion through a semi-controlled followed by a...


TP-7 Quantifiers

Intermediate level

Students will learn to use quantifiers in order to mention about various places, but beforehand they will be introduced to quantifiers and the way we use and classify them (used with uncountables / countables / both) Therefore, it will be a grammar lesson with some analysis and practice.


Grammar & Vocabulary

Upper intermediate level , b2 level

In this lesson, SS improve the functional language through of quantifiers and their relation with countable and uncountable nouns. Ss will begin with a test as I will follow TTT strategy because the ss had that functional language before and they are familiar with it. The lesson also deals with the countable and uncountable nouns.
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