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Present Simple Tense (+)

Elementary level

In this lesson, students learn about the present <b>simple</b> (+) in the context of personal information. The lesson starts with a controlled practice about their profiles that was written in the previous lesson. The aim is to elicit the present <b>simple</b> from this. This is followed by an exercise where students have to match correct nouns to correct verbs. Finally they work in small groups and practice more about verb-noun collocations.


TP 7- Grammar- Simple past forms of be

A1/a2 elementary level

In this lesson, we will be introducing the <b>past</b> tense form of 'be' within the context of peoples' life stories. Students will identify the forms within the lesson and then use it to ask and answer questions. There will be some gap filling exercises to reinforce students knowledge of appropriate use and then the final productive activity to put what they have learned into practice.


Teaching Practice 6b - Past Simple Time Expressions

Elementary level

This lesson will build upon the Ss' knowledge of the <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> verb aspect, introducing them to the functional language of time expressions that are commonly used with the <b>past</b> <b>simple</b>.


Robots in today's world

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students work on vocabulary and listening skills through the medium of F2F Pre-Intermediate Unit 5A pg.36. The lead in will elicit the new vocab.The first group activity will require the groups to engage in discussion of three of the new vocab words, with secretary making list(s). The second is a phrase match activity, by making the most logical pairs. The listening exercise will involve ticking the phrases that occur within the audio as well as a true/false section.If time ...


Teaching Practice 1

Upper-intermediate, b2 level

In this lesson, students will continue with the context set in the previous lessons. They will practice the time phrases with a semi-controlled practice in a personalised way. Then they will practice the verb forms with a controlled practice. In the final part of the lesson, they will be provided a free speaking practice in which they will be able to exchange their ideas in pairs.


Traffic, Present progressive

Elementary, 2b level

In this lesson, Sts will learn about the present progressive through eliciting or guided discovery, based on discussion of traffic and traveling. The T will elicit information from the Sts by asking questions and a basic fill in the gap exercise on the board. The Sts will then work in pairs to create present continuous questions and answers using a fixed set of words. Sts will then work to make more original sentences using a selection of verbs. Finally students will describe what they see in...


Teaching practice 7

Beginner level

In this lesson, students will practice reading for gist and fluency and become familiar with sentence constructions expressing the future tense.



A2 b1 pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, types of adverbs will be examined. The focus of the lesson is adverbial vocabulary. In the beginning, a short story will be read and the students will decide a title for it. Following the story sets of questions will be answered from the Ss text book relating to the focus point understanding adverbs. Finally, Ss will write their own short story about a personal account of a stressful or difficult situation they had experienced before, using adverbs, and <b>past</b> simple/past...


Ahmad sharifi, Past simple (Regular, Irregular affirmative sentences)

Beginner level

In this lesson, Ss learn about <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> (regular and irregular) through a guided discovery approach. After the context has been set, Ss will read a text about an amazing and extraordinary journey that two friends had. Ss will be guided through the text to explore and discover the <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> tense. Having learned about the <b>past</b> <b>simple</b>, they will have a controlled, semi controlled, and free practice to apply what they've learned.


Listening Past Simple Lesson

A2 elelmentary level

In this lesson students will have the opportunity to develop their receptive skills by listening for gist and specific information. They will be listening to a relatively complicated text three times, initially for the gist and the following two for the information they need to extract from the text. This will be followed by an exercise of writing the missing letters to make the present and <b>past</b> forms of the verbs. Finally, they will have the opportunity for a semi controlled speaki...
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