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Teaching Plan 3 simple past tense

Elemantary level

in this lesson sts revise and practice <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> with integrated skills listening and speaking. the lesson will start by asking some questions to warm sts up to the topic.Then,it will continue with pre teaching vocabulary. after that they are going to listen a talk and then read it. Sts will also talk about an important event in their life. i will distribute questions HO to help sts to think each life event questions and answer them. after that, in groups they will tell each o...


TP 5b

B2 level

In this lesson, students will practice using the present perfect and the present perfect continuous . they will learn how they are formed . When we use them and what is the difference between present perfect and the present perfect continuous . Students will be given many activities about both verbs . These activities include , scanning the previous reading text, arranging adverbs of time for present perfect and <b>simple</b> <b>past</b>, filling gaps with the correct form of these verb.


Dates to Remember, Time Expressions

Elementary level

In this lesson, based on my main aim (grammar) students are going to learn and practice prepositions and -wh questions with the <b>simple</b> <b>past</b> tense. Initially, they are going to see a power point which is about a day of mine in Venice and hear some time expressions and prepositions along with the pictures. After that, they are going to learn how and when to use time expressions supported with a short reading text named "my sister" and matching activities about the time expressions...


Utku Gürel - TP#2 - Thursday 27/03/2014

B1 - intermediate level

This lesson continues with the context from the previous lesson. It reviews present perfect <b>simple</b>, which the Students already know, and helps them to think about time expressions they can use with it.


Get Reacquainted with some one/The Present perfect

Intermediate./grade 1 level

In this session students will learn a conversation about how to introduce themselves.Actually there is a grammar part ,too.The grammar is present perfect .The lesson will start with a listening of the conversation.Then it will continue with practice on the conversation.The students try to memorize it.After that will start the grammar.The grammar will start with some examples about some events that happened in the past.The students should try to understand the difference between <b>past</b> <b...


present perfect simple and continues

5 level

Ss learn about the present perfect in both forms the <b>simple</b> and the continues


Yahya Elsayed 4nd August 2017 . Demo unit 2A

Pre-intermediate level

This lesson continues with the same general context as the previous two and provides the opportunity for Ss to practice the vocabulary and grammar from the previous lessons more freely in speaking. It also provides more supporting vocabulary about holidays.


Philip's Lesson: Grammar and Speaking

Intermediate level

In this lesson students learn about the present <b>simple</b> and continuous,action and non-action verbs through a guided discovery based on a listening text about the restaurant.The lesson starts with adiscussion about best foods.This is followed by a guided discovery group exercise.Then students start again on an activity (ss) before pair work.Students learn more about present <b>simple</b> and the <b>past</b> continous with more practise activities as well.Ss make questions through pair...


Travelling; a tale of two Sydneys. The past simple tense.Pronunciation.

Elementary a1/a2 level

In this lesson, Ss will revise The <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> and regular verbs based on the text A Tale of Two Sydneys. They will learn how to use WAS, WERE, DID in the sentences. After they remember the plot of the text, Ss work in pairs and practice pronunciation.The Ss will continue practicing by creating story in groups.


TP 4. Ahmed Nouri

Intermediate level

In this lesson,Ss learn about present perfect <b>simple</b> and present perfect continuous in the context of Relationships. The lesson starts with controlled practice through completing statements with words in the context of relationships.
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