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good times and bad times

Elementary level

In this lesson, I am going to present grammar (was/were) through the medium of reading and listening, trying to have s-s interaction by speaking activities that follow.


Teaching Practice 1

Intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss will practise adjective-noun collocations used as lexical phrases for evaluating and recommending. They will also practise modifying adverbs quite and really to soften or strenghten the evaluations / recommendations. The practices will go from semi-controlled to freer and they will also practise speaking for fluency and expressing their opinions.


Tips about 'How to'

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will be able to talk about giving tips on 'how to ..' via reading text which includes useful language. The lesson starts with a discussion about the things that they are really good at doing. This will be followed by reading a text about the topics what some experts said as an advice. Finally, they are going to practise the target language with help of the topics that were given to them.


Nabil Sotohi Mahmoud Al Dosoky

Elementary level

In this lesson , students practice reading for gist , specific information and details in the context of an English man who lives with his parents. For my group of elementary Turkish learners, I am going to pave the way for them through a lesson of reading skill.My students will have fun through skimming and scanning. Recycling the target vocabulary will be obvious through semi-controlled practice in speaking fluently.


Buying and selling, comparative adjectives.

Elementary, a2 level

In this lesson, Ss learn about comparative adjectives through several exercises. The lesson starts with asking Ss if they have got a car, and why they like it, and I will notice the adjectives they use while answering these questions. Then they will go through some exercises to practice using comparative adjectives. Through these exercises, I will explain any difficult words for them.


TP2 Sayed Khairy - past simple

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students learn about the <b>past</b> regular and irregular verbs.they learn about affirmative ,negative and questions.I'll give students variables activities in the form of worksheets.Students will work individual,pair work and groups


Levent Bek- Teaching Practice 3

Intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss learn about expression to talk about their hopes, dreams and ambitions. Lesson starts with a short introduction of these words within a context.Following a listening activitiy, Ss play a game to practise using the expressions such as "my dream is to, I am thinking of, I've always wanted to". Later, Ss are introduced schwa sound through several pictures. They practise finding the stress and schwa sounds in sentences and finally talk about their own ambitions, dreams and hop...


review of future forms

Upper intermediate level

in this lesson SS will get more familiar with using "the present <b>simple</b>","the present continuous", "be going to",and wii+inf" in the future.The lesson will start with discussion of the SS plans for the week end and for the next week. This is followed by reading a conversation between James and Richard. SS will be asked to answer the gist question"What do they discuss? the time and how to get there and the traffic- their food and gym - their mothers and sisters. T doesn't elicit explana...
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