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Advance level



Pre intermidiate level

in this lesson they are going to learn <b>past</b> continuous through reading


TP 3: Food and Drink

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson I am going to teach learners some new vocabulary and revise vocabulary from the previous lessons. We will work on countable and uncountable nouns. I think students are already aware about questions 'How many' and 'How much' and words of quantity some/any, a few/a little, a lot/ lots of, but we will practice and work more on strengthening their skills and knowledge.


Recruitment Agency - Advice

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, the students are going to learn how to ask for and give advice using different ways such as "should - If I were you, I'd..". Also they will speak about some problems at work and give advice


Demo session

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson Ss are going to learn about Adverbs in the context of "Different Personalities".


Teaching practice 2

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson Ss are going to be engaged in a vocabulary exercise, receptive skill development by gist reading and scan reading a text about the three strikes law and hold a discussion related to the content of the text to develop their productive skill which is in this case speaking.


Telling time

Elemetary level

In this lesson students will start by practicing time telling and then will review some vocabulary. After these grammatical points of present <b>simple</b> tense will be clarified and then students will put all these to use in a speaking activity.


Cold weather

Ket level

In this lesson we are going to study about tag questions.


Teaching Practice 1- 01.08.207- 3pm

A1 level

In this lesson students are going to learn a few musical instruments and the people playing them. As an end lesson product they will be able introduce themselves including their imaginary roles.


good times and bad times

El. a1/2 level

In this lesson, I am going to present grammar (was/were) through the medium of reading and listening, trying to have s-s interaction by speaking activities that follow.
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