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Elementary level

In this lesson, students learn how to ask and give answers about prices through a PPP based on a listening conversation about Kate and the ticket seller at the cinema. The lesson starts with eliciting some places that the teacher go to in her/his free time using pictures. This is followed by an activity where students should elicit the name of the places at the adverts which the teacher will hand them. Later there is some semi-controlled practice through a pair work activity where students wi...


Assessed grammar lesson, July 6th, 2013

Pre-intermediate, b1 level

In this grammar lesson, students are going to speak about male and female shopping habits with the aim of reviewing the use of verbs+verbs-ing as well as improving their listening skills on this topic.


regular & irregular verbs

Elementary level

In this lesson they are going to learn and understand the differences of regular and irregular verbs, how to make them, how to use them and how to make questions with. A short reading activity will be done. and they will be using some questions in <b>past</b> tense form too communicate to each other.


Kate TP 6_19.06.17

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss will be introduced to grammar about the way to express future plans and arrangements. Firstly, they will talk about their personal plans for July and August while T monitoring their speech to check if they use the TL. Then Ss will either receive the clarification of TL or go on with practice. Ss will listen to a conversation to find out the TL. Then they will do some practice (grammar exercises) and wrap up with creating a story using the TL.



Pre-intermediate grade 5 a2 level

in this lesson, students are going to learn how to write description letter based on the reading text about MY FAVORITE PHOTO .THE lesson strats with talking about favorite photo. this is followed by reading where the students match the question with paragraphs then fill in blanks with prepositions. ask student to write about their favorite photo and answer the five question in the right order. check the description for mistakes.(grammar, punctuation,spelling).


Grammar ( Times past)

Beginners level


TP 8

A2 level

In this lesson, ss will learn some functional language for making suggestions in the context of holidays. Ss will then plan for a holiday with a partner using the functional language they learned. Finally, Ss will go through a speaking activity and tell the others in the class about their holidays in. The other ss can then choose the holiday plan.


Writing 1-2 w 1 - Instructions and Giving directions

1-2 level

In this lesson Ss will revise and learn basic instructions that are used in class. Then new phrases will be introduced - directions for finding a destination on the map. Students will first revise directions for turning, going straight, then they will learn phrases for a location of something. In a controlled task students will fill in new words to complete dialogs about directions. In a preparation for a production task Ss will read 2 dialogs that give directions on the map to some places....



Upp-int level

in this lesson the students will listen to a tape-script of an old Hollywood star who couldnt become successful in Hollywood and is going back home. they will also practice speaking during the lesson. by the end of the lesson students will have practiced their listening for gist and listening for specific information in the context of fame and fortune.



Beginner level

In this lesson, students learn about "can " for ability in the context of jobs. Exposure of the TL is given through a dialogue. Meaning and form will be elicited with guided discovery technique. There will be drilling for correct pronunciation. The lesson will go on with the practice of TL and ends with delayed error correction and feedback.
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