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straightforward, reading, mysteries

Intermediate, b1 level

in this lesson the students are to read a scrambled piece of story about a film to understand what the true story is and how a person might lie about his real identity. there are a number of vocabulary items to be covered and by the end, they will be expected to go on with their own stories.


Listening + Oral Practice on the Topic (Post Listening)

Elementary a1 & a2 level

In this lesson, the Ss will listen to two audios about the world cinema (films, reviews, statistics about the film industry, etc.). Lesson begins with a warm up. The spelling of the word "cinema" is scrambled on the board, The Ss unscramble it. Then, some film vocabulary items are pre-taught. After that, for the lead-in they discuss 2 Qs: "1. How often do you go to the cinema? 2. What films do you like? Hollywood, Bollywood, Turkish films, etc.?" [FB: GW/OC] Next, They listen to audio 2.17 fo...


Grammar "quite"

Upper intermediate level

In this lesson, students will find examples of the target language in the reading text they had previously covered. They will find out about meaning, form, and pronunciation of the target language. Next, they will be given a set of cards on the walls to go and complete in pairs as a controlled practice. After that, they will be given a set of sentences to give their opinion about the degree of intensity. Finally, they will be talking about a topic that they choose from some cards using the ta...
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