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Small talk

Pre- intermediate level

In this lesson students are going to learn how to start and end conversations based on listening context about small talk. The lesson starts with discussion question about parties and its followed by a group work activity. At the end of the lesson students will answer questions related to the conversation


Teaching Practice 7

Elementary level

This lesson is about feelings and adverbs of manner. Ss are going to learn vocabularies related to their feelings and adverbs in a reading. Ss will learn about adverbs of manner and how to use them in grammar section.


Listening & Vocabulary (Shopping)

Intermediate level b2 level

In this lesson, students learn through a listening lesson about the topic of shopaholics. The lessons starts off with an introduction to vocabulary on shopping, in order to set the context for Ss to understand the concept of shopaholics. This is followed by a listening for specific information and listening for details exercise on a shopaholic. Finally, there is some post speaking role playing activity.


TP 7: Giving advice on how to save money

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, the students discuss the topic of saving money. Then they will be introduced to some functional language with the help of which the students will share their own ideas how and where it is better to keep savings. They are going to be asked to give their own suggestions on this topic.



Intermediate level

In this lesson, students are going to read an extract from Andre Agassi's autobiography to improve their reading skills and will discuss their opinions about his life for fluency speaking.


Cities and places

Elementary level

In this lesson, the students are going to learn about cities and different places through two skills (listening and speaking). I will give them different activities which need both individual work and group work. the lesson starts with a discussion about Istanbul and places that the students like or don't like. this activity will be followed by a listening task, they will listen and answer the questions and compare them with their own personal experiences. the students will also have to wor...


Present Perfect Simple-Demo#6

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, the students are going to learn and practice Present Perfect <b>Simple</b>, particularly using for/since to express unfinished time and the difference between <b>Past</b> <b>Simple</b> and Present Perfect <b>Simple</b>. The context for the Target Language will have been already set in the previous lesson through a reading text about time zones. Use of the extracts from the text relevant to the TL and CCQs to elicit the TL will be followed by further clarification on form and ...


Rising Stars, Present perfect simple

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will use present perfect <b>simple</b> to talk about their <b>past</b> experience. the lesson starts with descriptions of some jobs and some vocabularies which make them ready to go for speaking part, then they will listen to a talk show host which asks people's <b>past</b> experience. This is followed by the grammar which is present perfect <b>simple</b> and at the end speaking part.



Beginner level

In this lesson, students learn about Present <b>Simple</b> Tense through guided discovery based on a text about carmen's life. The lesson will start with a warmer and then go on with the reading text. Students will underline the answers of the questions asked by the teacher. Later, teacher will elicit the form and meaning of the present <b>simple</b> tense from the students and write on the board. Then, students will do fill in the blanks and writing the negative form activities. Lastly, stud...



B level

In this lesson , students will be introduced to clauses of contrast and purpose in the context of advertising. The context is going to be set through a picture at the beginning by having students elicit some ideas and then listen to track in order to prepare for the grammar part that will be clarified through a guided discovery handout.
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