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TP7 - Vocabulary and Listening

Elementary level

In this lesson, students know some lexis about sea and water sports, also, the verb that collocates with these sports (go). They will know the time linkers (in, on, last and ago).



Intermediate level

In this lesson ss learn about comparative adjectives and adverbs in the context of time expressions via reading a text. T will go over some vocabulary, first. Ss will be having reading, writing and speaking tasks. Writing will be a semi controlled practice whereas speaking will be a freer practice.


Soumia Sayah 16/12/2016, Week4, TP8, lesson length 45mins, lesson type: reading.

A1 level

Students will read some passages presenting data about three people talking about their family, education, work and ambitions using visuals. Then it will be a jigsaw reading with two tasks to know more about them, the first task is skimming and the second one is scanning for some specific information, all this will come with different interaction patterns (S, PW,GW ..) then moving to group discussions. SS will summarize and listen what they read to each other, afterwards they are going to use...


TP 6 Lost Weekend adjectives ending -ed -ing

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss will be exposed to some target vocabulary (adjectives ed/ing). They will learn the difference between these adjectives which will help them eventually describe their feelings and what causes those feelings. Ss will utilize these words through a controlled practice followed by a semi controlled practice for speaking.


TP1: Getting to know

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students are going to revise question words and practice them using in present, <b>past</b> and future forms. we will also discuss the difference between the words "whose" and "who's", work on their pronunciation. Students will work on developing their receptive skills by listening for gist and after that students will develop their productive skills with practising their own dialogues.


TP 8

Intermediate level

In this lesson students are going to learn and practice different future forms to talk about the future in the context of making plans for the weekend.


TP #5 Useful phrases (time expressions)

Intermediate level

In this lesson I am going to introduce useful phrases and how to use time expressions. Students will listen and read a conversations. They will get to understand new useful phrases to use in different situations and how to pronounce them.


What's on?

Beginner - a1 level



Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, Students will work on the receptive skill of reading with the general context of Lifestyle Changes. They will do jigsaw activity with the text and then their going to answer few activities related to the text. Finally, They will work on the productive skill of speaking


Good and bad times, three generations, TP 6

Elementary a1/2 level

In this lesson I am going to present grammar on <b>past</b> <b>simple</b> (be) and arrange speaking activities for fluency and accuracy using <b>past</b> <b>simple</b>(was /were). The lesson will start with a warmer on the topic followed by grammar presentation and practice and free speaking task
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