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Home town

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will be describing towns and learning new words. They will also read about towns in Montreal, Canada, and speak about which town they prefer to live in.


TP6.. Family life

Internediate level

In this lesson, students learn and talk about family relationships. At the start of the lesson, a comic picture of a happy family get projected on the board to elicit the word family from the students and set the context of the lesson. Then students see some family photos and talk together discuss what is going on in each picture. Then new lexis is presented to the students following by a semi- controlled practice. After that the students read a text for gist and details about a survey on cha...


Teaching Practice 3

Elementary, a1 level

In this lesson, students will learn about the basic quantifiers (some/any/ a lot of) and this/that/these and those through guided discovery based on a dialogue about John and his friends.. The lesson starts with an introduction of John.This is followed by reading where students read and discover the meanings of some/any/ a lot of. There is some controlled practice of the structure through pictures in the book.They are going to listen someone who is talking about Josie.Finally, there is som...


TP 7

Intermediate level

In this lesson students are going to practice different ways of responding to good and bad news.


TP7.. Grammar in context of jobs

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students are going to learn and use "used to" and "would". The lesson starts with reading a text about two people talking about their childhood dreams. Then a guided discovery to elicit the meaning and form from the students. Next a controlled practice to check students' understanding and the lesson ends with a freer practice.



Intermediate level

Ss will look at an example of a job advert, noting what kind of language is used. They then see an example of an application letter. They are asked to find formal phrases and check their meaning. They then go on to write their own application letter. There is a final optional activity to write a job advert for Ss who finish early.


Grammar, Participle clauses

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson students learn about relative participle clauses as an economic way of giving information about nouns through guided discovery based on a text about imagined ugly syndrome. The lesson starts with a review focused on some marker sentences. This is followed by 3 controlled practices. Finally, there is a freer practice in which students first read about a Turkish celebrity and then go to their friends to give information and ask the name of the celebrity, Also listen and find the...



Elementary level

In this lesson,students will be introduced to and practice grammar associated with focusing on the using of object pronouns.Then they are going to do an exercise and listen to a recording to check their answers.Then Ss will practice reading and writing,they will read a text and complete it with the object pronouns, then listen and check the answers. They will use the model text to write details of their own lives using the object pronouns where appropriate.


Prefix -mis

Upper-intermediate level

In this lesson, students are going to learn about the use of prefix -mis in the context of some listening activities. Then, they will have a couple of speaking activities with pairs in order to intensify the meaning. The lesson will finish by learning suffix -ism


People and their money

Upper-intermediate b2 level

In this lesson SS are going to do some gist and specific information reading in the context of people and their money. this will be followed by a jigsaw reading and relate stories about how people spend their money. Later on, ss will have some semi-controlled and freer speaking practice to expand on what they have learnt.
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