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Reading in the context of Caving_Demo#7

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, the students are going to practice reading skills thoroughly with gist reading, scan reading and detailed reading comprehension in the context of caving. By this lesson, the students will have learnt how to express Dos and Don'ts by using modal verbs for obligation, lack of necessity and prohibition. This gramatical knowledge will be incorporated into their reading to provide them a further practice and help them grasp the meaning within a context.



Elementary level

In this lesson, Ss learn about the rooms and things in the house through guided discovery based on an activity about 'a place to rent'. The lesson starts with a matching exercise. Ss will be shown some pictures about the things in the house and they will match the pictures to the necessary vocabulary. This is followed by the introduction of the TL and drilling and pronunciation. Finally there's a controlled practice through a flat questionnaire and free practice in which Ss decide on the flat...



Upper-intermidate level

In this lesson, students are going to practice the 'causatives' in the context of services. They will be presented by some pictures and some questions. They will listen to an advertisment and will be introduced to the target language. They also do a guided discovery in the clarification stage. They will have speaking practice to produce the target language at the end.


reading lesson plan

Intermediate- level

in this lesson students will read a context about sports Ss will answer gist and detailed questions about the context to get exposed to the topic



Intermediate level

In this lesson students will be introduced to future with will/ going to and present progressive for the future.


The world around us.

Beginners level

In this lesson, student are going to learn about new vocabulary about animals and natural related to a reading topic. I'll start by eliciting the new words, afterward there will be reading, then exercises to further enhance their understanding of the topic in general and the new word specifically.


Teaching practice 1b

Upper-intermidiate level

In this lesson Ss are going to read and talk about magical places around the world. There will be scanning and skimming activities. They will learn how to produce impersonal passives sentences. finally they are supposed to write a short paragraph about the magical places and try to use the grammar in their language .


Teacher Plan 8!

Beginner level

In this lesson students will learn so vocabulary as well as practice listening skills. We will be talking about vocabulary related to weekend activities. Students will do various activities to practices the words do, make, go, and clean. Then we will listen to a couple talk about the weekend. Students must for some phrases and then do a choosing exercise.


Teaching Practice 1

Intermediate level

The lesson's context will be the 'reliability of the information'. In the lesson the Ss will be introduced to new vocabulary that appear in the text they are going to read which is about the reliability of the information on Wikipedia. They will be introduced to various means to get information through a presentation as a warm-up. They will do lexis exercises and then they will engage in a speaking activity in groups regarding different types of information and the lexis they have acquired.


TP 8

Pre-intermediate b1 level

In this lesson, Ss are going to be introduced to the "conditional type 2". To begin with, the T will start the class with a film to set the context. Then the T will ask a couple of questions to highlight the model sentences. The T intends to use GD to clarify the MFP of the structure. Afterward, the T provides Ss with some controlled and semi-controlled practices. Last but not least, the T will have a freer practice. Finally, the T will work on the Ss' errors.
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