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Teaching Practice 3

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will go through the vocabulary of work, in the context of jobs, careers and famous people. Focusing on the meaning, and how to use these words in different exercises, students will have to speak and say those words over and over in the different contexts, to get a proper assimilation.



Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn about the modal verb "have to" through guided discovery based on a listening text about a vet, a taxi driver and a pilot. The lesson starts with a discussion about the three pictures. This is followed by writing the three model sentences on the board to be analysed for grammatical structures and function. Students learn about the meaning conveyed by the language I am going to cover and how they break down the form. Finally, Students will practice listening for d...


Vocabulary - Sports

Pre-intermediate, a2 level

In this lesson, students learn about the sports and related items and verbs of those sports. The lesson starts with a discussion based on some sentences. This is followed by a matching activity where students match the sports with the items related to those sports. Then Ss do a puzzle where Ss learn the definitions of sports. Then Ss test their knowledge by completing a chart. They learn about the verbs which go with the sports. Finally. there is a free practice that Ss choose a sport, write ...


Listening and grammar

Elementary level

In this lesson the students are going to practice receptive skills (reading and listening)in the context of schools days .The lesson will start by showing a picture about a different schools ,subjects and teachers and let students discuss them The unfamiliar vocabulary and students will read for gist and for details after that we will highlight some grammar rules ( were/where). finally students will have to practice speaking through asking their friends questions about their school days.


Teaching reading for Gist and specific details

Beginner level

In this lesson, students are going to read for gist and specific details about the personal information of some one through introducing some vocabulary collocation " live, like , work , have , study " and talking about someone's life ,eliciting answers from the students then asking them to read for gist about Ricardo and reading for specific information .


Places to go

Pre-intermediate, b1 level


Teaching practice 6b

Begginers level

In this lesson the students will learn how to make questions with questions words, reflect previously learnt questions in the present and <b>past</b> as well as big numbers. They will start with pair activity on how the have spent their previous day, then they will go through a test part, to find out if they know the answers of the quiz. After, they will be introduced the teaching part of the lesson, where the teacher will clarify the question words and then do the test again in order to anch...


Judging by appearances lesson, reading skills lesson

Intermediate level

In this lesson, students will be given the opportunity to practice their reading skills. The lesson will start with students being shown a scan of the teacher's passport. Teacher will use the image to model activity. Students describe their I.D cards (ACE student I.D, Cambodian national I.D or passport). Students will say how they've changed since their picture was taken in a free practice activity to set context. Students will then complete exercise C to skim the opening paragraph for the gi...


Possessıve 's , and functıonal language on gaınıng ınformatıon

A1 level

In thıs lesson students wıll be focusıng on grammar, more specıfıcally the possessıve 's. Context wıll be buılt by fırst askıng them to produce theır own famıly tree and goıng around the room askıng everyone how many sıblıngs they have. Once thıs ıs done I wıll explaın my own famıly tree and the relatıonshıps between each person. The students wıll then swap famıly trees and receıve a sheet that states questıon and answer. Each person wıll ask who an ındıvıual on the tree ıs and other pers...
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