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Elementary level

In this lesson SS will have to discover the topic of the day starting with the hangman game. Once they found out that they will deal with "months", they are going to focus on their pronunciation and separate them in a chart according to that criteria. SS will then speak about their favourite month in a PW and listen to a recording when four different people are talking about some special days. It will be the moment to discuss the special days of their own country, both in pairs and with the W...


Teaching Practice 7, Grammar, Present Continious

Beginner level

This lesson introduces the Present Continuous in the context of talking about ‘parties’. A couple of action verbs are introduced to help students get used to the form of this new tense. The lesson starts with students being presented with some pictures of different kinds of parties. The teacher tries to elicit the words related to each party from the students. She draws their attention to another group of photos in which people are doing different activities, points to the different people an...


Dynamic and stative verbs

B1 (intermediate) level

In this lesson, Ss will learn about Dynamic and satative verbs. The lesson starts with a lead-in which is a picture for a woman carrying a photo of her twins. We will do then a reading for gist through the context of who do you carry around. After that, we will go over some grammar points from the text about dynamic and stative verbs. Finally, we will do some exercises about the dynamic and stative verbs.


TP 5

Pre-intermediate b1 level

In this lesson, Ss are going to be introduced to the superlative adjectives. To begin with, Ss are presented a text including marker sentences. Second, the T will extract the marker sentences. Then, the T will clarify the grammar with the GD approach. Last but not least, the T will provide Ss with some controlled and less controlled practice. Finally, The T will come up with some speaking activities.


English File Intermediate - TP6

Intermediate level


Shopping mall

Elementary level

The main of this lesson is listening in the context of shopping malls. Students will first do some speaking practice about shopping malls. Then students will quickly go over ordinal numbers in order to describe where things are in the shopping center. Students will then do four different listening activities in the context of shopping centers.


Present Continuous Tense - Affirmative and Negative

Beginner level

In this lesson, Ss will learn to talk about the current time period in the context of holiday. It is going to be a little related to the previous day's TPs which were also about holidays but in the <b>past</b>. There will be pictures of Liz on holiday. T will model the target language through these pictures. Then, there will be a H/O of two model sentences for Ss to answer meaning questions and figure out the form, which is followed by drilling the pronunciation. Then there will be the contro...


Why Not Move To.......?

Intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss will practice the techniques of reading which are reading for gist, and reading for details. Ss are going to find pairs of adjectives that mean the opposite. T will provide clarification and practice of adjectives in the context of city life.


Yeşim Kalkan. 8 Nov 2016. Criminal Records. TP7

Pre-intermediate a2/b1 level

In this lesson, students are going to learn crime related vocabulary and read four stories about criminal records. Students will develop their comprehension skills with the given context.


TP3 - Online friendships

Intermediate level

Students talk about using the internet for socialising and friendships. Students look at the 5 questions in groups. They need to concentrate on the underlined words. Write down which words they know, they don't know and the words they think they know. If there are words they don't know, does someone else in the group know? Before going through the answers as a class see what words each group knows and doesn't know and match up the words to the meanings on the board. Model and drill pronunci...
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