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Countable and Uncountable nouns

Elementary level


Describing towns lesson

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students learn and utilize the vocabulary for describing towns through a web-based reading text 'Living in Montreal' that is comparing three cities in Montreal. The lesson starts with a group task for finding things (e.g. bank, metro, restaurant) in the town of the school's location to introduce them to the topic. This is followed by vocabulary task in preparing them for the reading task. After reading task, there is a controlled speaking practice via role-playing. Finally fee...


Mary muia Tp 1

Intermediate level

ın thıs lesson learners speak and practice email and website addresses in preparation for listening for gist and detail.The lesson starts with an introduction from the teacher by eliciting a response on what is an email and website address followed by listening to an audio then an exercise. in pairs students dictate to each other addresses they have heard and are expected to write right addresses and pronounce symbols of addresses. Students are then introduced to to listening for gist and li...


Listening to the news

Elementary level

In this lesson, the students will mainly practice listening which is a receptive skill. The students will listen to the news and try to get specific informations from the news. Before listening there will be some activities as speaking and vocabulary so that they will get familiar with important words in the recording.



Intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss practice their reading skills and listening: both for a gist and specific information> They also learn new vocabulary: fixed expressions in English. The lesson starts with showing Ss some posters of movies about motorbike trips and ask Ss about the theme of these movies. This is followed by asking Ss questions related to the reading text to prepare them for the text. Then, Ss read the text for gist. After that, Ss read the text again to search for details. Ss listen to a tr...


Amy - TP: 6a my home town

Beginner level

In this lesson, Ss learn some new and review some previously learnt vocabulary about towns, they then listen to a conversation about Susan's hometown and complete a gist and listening for details task. As a post-listening activity, Ss are given a few minutes to prepare some notes about their home town or neighbourhood, they will present them to the class and the class will guess where they live.


Art painting TP 5

Beginners level

In this lesson students will read a newspaper article for gist and specific information. The plan consists of several stages, herein a lead in wherein they will be exposed to the context (Art, Jackson Pullock). Thereafter they will match present and <b>past</b> forms of the irregular verbs. As the main aim is readin, the class will complete pre-reading tasks to prepare them for the main reading. Lastly, the class ends with a freer practice


Rovshan Abdullayev TP-8

Elementary a1/a2 level

This lesson starts with vocabulary activity to prepare them to reading, then Ss will be provided reading task for gist and for detailed. Ss will be provided clarification of <b>Past</b> <b>simple</b> which will be grabbed from the text. In Their freer activity Ss will use new vocabulary and <b>Past</b> <b>simple</b> to talk about their life event.


Writing 1-2 w 1 - Instructions and Giving directions

1-2 level

In this lesson Ss will revise and learn basic instructions that are used in class. Then new phrases will be introduced - directions for finding a destination on the map. Students will first revise directions for turning, going straight, then they will learn phrases for a location of something. In a controlled task students will fill in new words to complete dialogs about directions. In a preparation for a production task Ss will read 2 dialogs that give directions on the map to some places....


Lesson Plan Family weekend activities

Beginner, a1 level

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