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Men and Women
Intermediate B1 level


In this lesson, ss will have the focus on listening first. They will have some pre-listening activities based on small recordings, and then listening for gist and details activities. This listening part will finish by a Speaking activity where ss will respond to the listening text. The next part of the lesson will have the focus on vocabulary (relationships). I am planning one main presentation followed by several practice activities, and if the group is strong and fast enough, I will have another presentation expanding their vocabulary. This presentation will also be followed by some practice activities. I do not plan any freer practice activity at the very end for 2 reasons: 1) I will not have time fore it; 2) the topic itself does not allow for a freer practice activity.


Main Aims

  • By the end of the first part, ss will be able to develop their listening for gist and for details skills and demonstrate it by answering the comprehension check questions properly. By the end of the second part of the lesson, ss will clarify and practice a set of vocabulary on the topic of 'relatioinships'. They will use this vocab in their oral speech more accurately

Subsidiary Aims

  • Ss will develop their oral fluency is Speaking activities planned in the lesson. Ss will also develop reading skills while they are scanning the text for vocab


Warmer (3 minutes) • To get to know the students and and engage them

I will play a quick name game with ss: my name is Andy and I like Apples (A-A)

Lead in (5 minutes) • To provide a meaningful communicative focus for further listening activity

Quick chat: how are men and women different? BE POSITIVE and create a list of differences. Conclusion: is it good or bad? Do we have to be the same?

Pre-Listening (6 minutes) • Ss will activate their schema and start thinking on the topic. They will also get more interested in the topic

- activity 1: ex 4B, T. 1.3 - ss will lsten and follow the instructions drawing a bike - activity 2: ex. 4C, T. 1.4 - ss will listen to the interpretation and look at the picture. They work in pairs and discuss the questions on the exercise provided on the handout

Listening for gist (3 minutes) • ss will develop their gist listening subskills

Ss listen to T 1.5 WITHOUT looking at the handout (face down!) The task is to identify what these people are talking about. After they finish listening, they compare their answers in pairs and then in open class

Listening for details (7 minutes) • Ss will develop their more detailed listening subskills

Ss look at the handout ex. 4D questions. I will make sure they have read and understood the questions properly before they start to listen. Then they will listen and answer the questions in pairs and then - open class feedback

Speaking (6 minutes) • ss resond to the text and develop their oral fluency

Ss in pairs discuss the questions in ex 5. Open class feedback - short!! Both on content and on accuracy!

Vocabulary: Focus on Meaning and Form (5 minutes) • ss will clarify and meaning and the form of the target language

Ex. 6A. Ss work in pairs and answer the questions Open class feedback

Vocabulary: Focus on Pronunciation (6 minutes) • ss wil clarify the feature of pronunciation of the target vocab

1. Ex. 6C. Ss listen to sentences and number the words they hear. 2. Ex. 6D. Ss mark the stress on the words

Controlled Practice (5 minutes) • Ss practice target vocab with special focus on meaning

Ex. 6B. Regrouping. Ss work with a new partner and discuss the 2 questions. Open class feedback

Freer Practice (15 minutes) • Ss develop oral fluency presumably using the target vocab

1. Ex 7. Ss work individually (thinking time!) and prepare to talk about their relationships. T monitors and helps with vocab 2. Ss talk to their partners and share this information. Their partner is asking questions and getting ready for sharing one most interesting detail about their friend.

Extra vocabulary presentation (text based) (10 minutes) • FLEXI STAGE: Ss see the target language in real context (= language in use) Ss develop scanning skills and also see the target language in use again

1. Ss do the quiz What Women Really Think. Individual work – pairs compare 2. Ss read the text to check their answers.

Controlled Practice (5 minutes) • Ss clarify the meaning of target vocab and also practice it

Focus on meaning: Ss do ex. 9B and sort the expressions out into groups. Ind work – pair work – open class feedback (TPS)

Freer practice (5 minutes) • Ss practice TL in a freer context

1. Ss do ex. 10A. Find someone who game. Mingling.

Feedback and Error Correction (2 minutes) • Ss get T’s feedback on content + accuracy

I will ask ss a coupe of questions about what they have found out about their friends (feedback on content) I will also do some error correction on the board (feedback on accuracy)

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