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Pre- Intermediate level


In this lesson, the Ss learn how to use "be going to" and "present continuous" to talk about the future. There will be controlled practiced on the grammar points followed up by free practice in the speaking activity which is the sub aim of the lesson.


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Abc Explain yourself

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of " be going to" and "present continuous" in the context of future plans

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of future plans using " be going to" and present continuous


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • to set the context

The T will draw a picture on the board ( a man and some bubbles around his head, in each bubble there is an action) T will ask the Ss what they think the man is thinking, and elicit axamples of the TL.

Presentation (7-9 minutes) • presenting the TL

T will elicit (or give if necessary) an example sentence of the TL and write it on the board and draw a timeline on the board to clear the meaning. The T will ask CCQs to check the meaning of the TL: Is the party in the past? (no) Is the party in the future? (yes) has he already decided to go to the party? (yes) When did he decide to go to the party?(sometime in the past) Then she will erase the sentence off the WB and drill examples of the TL. The T will elicit an example of the TL on the WB for the second time and highlight aspects of pronunciation that have just been practiced. T will do a substitution drill to practice the form further.

controlled Practice (4-6 minutes) • to practice their understanding of the form

T will chest HO and explain the task, then she will ask ICQs: What tense are you going to use to fill in the blanks? How do you form it? Then T will ask the Ss to check their answers with their partners. She will get WCFB.

Presentation (4-6 minutes) • introduce present continuous for future plans

T will draw a schedule and a stick figure on the WB, tell the class that it is Sam's schedule, elicit examples from the Ss about Sam's plan in the future( using present continuous) T will put an example of the TL on the WB (He's playing tennis next Friday) and ask CCQs: Is he playing tennis now? (no), will he play tennis in the future? (yes), when? ( next Friday) Does he have an arrangement to play tennis? (yes) T will highlight the form and then erase the sentence off the board and drill the TL.

controlled practice (4-6 minutes) • to practice their understanding of the form and meaning

T will chest the HO and explain the activity, ask ICQs: Are the sentences in the correct order? Are they about past, present or tomorrow? Then she will ask them to check the answers with their partners and then write the answers on the WB.

Free practice (extra activity) (6-8 minutes) • Practice the form and meaning

T will ask the Ss to work in pairs and answer the questions in the previous HO. She will ask ICQs: Are you going to write the answers? (no) T will chest the next HO, explain the game, divide the class into groups and ask them to do the activity in groups. T will ask ICQs. (optional)

Speaking (5-7 minutes) • fluency and practicing the meaning the form of the grammar lesson

T will ask the Ss: Do tourists come here? Why? What do they like? What don't they like? Do you think Istanbul is welcoming? Could it be more welcoming? Then she will ask them to work in groups and answer this question: How can you make your town a better place for tourists? Then she will ask ICQs.

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