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Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson students will practice the skill of listening. The lesson will link with the previous lesson and the general context will stay the same ( money ). However the context will be more focused on wasting money and this will be elicited as well as be introduced before we do any listening, pre-teaching vocabulary will also be ensured to be taken into consideration before the listening task has been set out.


Abc Speaking Extra. Miles Craven. Cambridge University Press. 2004
Abc Listening Extra. Miles Craven. Cambridge University Press. 2004

Main Aims

  • Listening: To listen to specific details and specific information

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking: To be able to decision make and discuss the context


Lead-in (6 minutes) • To introduce topic about wasting money

Show a fake $100 note (use of realia) and tear it into pieces. Ask the class what did I just do? Elicit from them that I am wasting money. * Tell students about the time I bought a new iPod however it was a waste because I never used it because I just use my iPhone. Get students to discuss in pairs when was a time they wasted something. give them 2 minutes. While they are discussing, go around and monitor, find a good example and give them $100. Then tell them whoever ends up with the most $100 bills at the end of the lesson is the winner.

Pre-Teach Vocabulary (7 minutes) • To ensure they know words that are going to come up during the lesson

Pre- Teach: Criticism, Fancy, Fortune, Go on about, Go out. First try and elicit each word, and then give an activity for them to match the meanings. Then provide answer keys and get them to peer check. Give feedback ( praise if all correct) , if not pick a few that class struggled with and go through it.

Main Activity - Listening (7 minutes) • To listen to specific details for specific information

Explain that we are going to listen to TWO couples having an argument about wasting money. Tell them to listen for each persons name and what they wasted there money on. Show on a PPT the Answer Key and give feedback. Get them to quickly peer check and see if they both got it the same

Activity - Photocopiable Sheet (10 minutes) • Specific Information

Hand out photocopiable work sheet. Give 2 minutes for them to study the pictures and write in the missing names that they have discovered from the previous activity. Explain they must listen again and note how much each item cost. When and why each person bought it. ( Have these on the ppt ) Play recording again. Get students to check with their peers. Play recording again in 2 parts so they can check answers. Hand out envelopes and get them to check there answers with the answer key. Provide quick feedback ( praise if all correct) ASK do they have any questions?

Final Listening Activity: (7 minutes) • Specific Information

Ask students if they can remember why each person didn't use the item they bought. Play recording again, tell students to call out STOP, when they hear each reason. Provide answer key on ppt. Get students to discuss the answers. Monitor while they are discussing the answers and give feedback

speaking (8 minutes) • Discussion, decision making and planning.

Ask students what is there favourite advertisement, and why do they like it. Ask how much influence they think advertising can have on what we buy. show on ppt: " Advertising sells us a lifestyle or a self image, not a product. " Get them into 2 groups. 1 group has to agree 1 group has to disagree both have time to get prepared, and have to debate there opinions

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