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Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson students learn about ( wish, would,wouldnt ) however with the context of being annoyed at someone or irritated. The lesson will start by a visual and students will start to discuss about Twitter, emotions , expressions on the peoples faces etc, followed by exposure to the context, highlighting the topic, clarification and controlled practice, it will end with a freer practice for the students to discuss what they have learnt.


Abc Latham-Koenig, Christina, and Clive Oxenden. English file. Upper Int,. 3rd ed. OUP

Main Aims

  • GRAMMAR: To learn that you can use "wish" in a negative expression with would/wouldn't in context with feeling annoyed

Subsidiary Aims

  • SPEAKING: To be able to use these feelings and expressions in everyday life or for social media.


LEAD IN (6 minutes) • To introduce topic

Show Visual: Twitter 1. * Get them to quickly discuss this in pairs about : * How do the people in the pictures look? Then quick FB by : * Elicit that they are unhappy and annoyed/irritated.

EXPOSURE (5 minutes) • To set context by CCQS

Show them the twitter text on the whiteboard. Ask them what do these tweets have in common? Tell them to read quickly to find out (individually) Then get them to peer check. Lastly, do a w/c fb, DONT FORGET TO PRAISE.

HIGHLIGHTING (4 minutes) • To notice the target language

Ask them to read the text again to see if they feel the same? students read individually * Peer Check *W/C FB ( ask them do they feel the same ) praise that they on the right track.

CLARIFICATION (13 minutes) • Meaning Form Practice

Show the activity, tell them to look at these examples from the tweets and to answer the questions in pairs. W/C FB: Monitor while they are doing the activity, only give fb on q's if they have a general problem. Also get students to write the form on the board. PRONUNCIATION: Drill the two sentences. show stress points and intonations if you have too.

CONTROLLED PRACTICE (7 minutes) • To practice using what they have learnt with guidance of it being controlled.

Explain activity and tell them to complete the sentences, they can do these in pairs and help each other out. Give SAMPLE answer keys and get the peers to check if all is ok. WCFB: Give fb if you have too, if not praise, if you do give fb chose the ones they struggled with generally.

FREE PRACTICE (10 minutes) • Monitoring & Checking

P.48 EX D AND E Write it on the board. This can be group work, should regroup here. " 1. Write three more things that annoy you and that you would like people to change, to add to the twitter thread. " - Begin with , I wish... would/wouldn't " After this, get them to compare there tweets by discussing/speaking. Give WCFB

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