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Pre Intermediate level


In this lesson the students will be reading for nearly the whole lesson, so it would be more intensive then usual as they will be reading various texts however the context will stay the same. The context is about hope for the future in general, and more about a girl called Palina in regards to the Chernobyl incident. As these students are located in Turkey, they will be familiar with the context so the knowledge would be there, they just have to produce there knowledge in English.


Main Aims

  • Reading: Text topic about Chernobyl, context is hope for the future.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking: Fluency and Accuracy


Lead In (3 minutes) • To set Context

Ask if they know about Chernobyl. and Where did it happen. Turn this into a quick discussion.

Setting out the Task for Reading Palina (2 minutes) • To explain they need to read Palina's Introduction to answer questions

Explain to them that they will now read a small text about Palina and how Chernobyl affected Palina. WRITE THE 3 QUESTIONS ON THE BOARD. Tell students to get pen and paper ready.

Read Introduction to Palina (5 minutes) • Scanning

Get students to read the introduction individually and then to work in pairs to answer the questions. Make sure they read first.

Feedback for Introduction to Palina (3 minutes) • Peer Checking

Hand out answer key and get them to check each others answers and correct if needed, whilst monitoring.

Hand out Life in village of Polessye (2 minutes) • reading

explain that they have to read in order to answer true false questions below.

READ Life in village of Polessye (5 minutes) • reading

This is a quite long text however they can gist read and i will instruct this. I will give 5 minutes reading time.

FEEDBACK for Life in village of Polessye (2 minutes) • Answer Checking

Since its true and false most efficient way is to go through it as a class, I'll just write T/F on the board for them and give them 2 minutes.

READ LIFE IN IRELAND (5 minutes) • reading

instruct to read life in ireland individually

Answer Questions for LIFE IN IRELAND (5 minutes) • Scanning

To answer questions in pairs to be more efficient.

Answer Questions for LIFE IN IRELAND (5 minutes) • Scanning

To answer questions in pairs to be more efficient.

FEEDBACK FOR LIFE IN IRELAND (3 minutes) • Peer Checking

hand out answer keys get them to do peer checking.

HAND OUT PALINA IM SO LUCKY/FEEDBACK (5 minutes) • group discussion speaking

get them in groups this time to answer the 8 questions in question 6 , however give them the answer key a little early so they can discuss it in groups why that is the answer.

ONLY IF YOU HAVE TIME: ROLEPLAY (0 minutes) • speaking

Instruct to work in groups and think about questions to ask Palina about her life. In pairs take the roles of Palina and the Interviewer ask questions... E.g : Nice to meet you Palina, Can I ask you some questions? Palina: ofcourse Interviewer: When and where were you born?

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