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Lesson Plan 3 - Volkan
Pre Intermediate level


In this lesson students learn about a couples extraordinary ambition to live until 120, It is an interesting topic so I am confident the students will all be engaged, from the previous lesson about the Amazon Journey students were really interested in the distance of Mr Stafford travelled, hence I will start by setting the context of eating healthy. This will be set by eliciting and discussing as a whole class further more carried out by exercises in the classroom as either pair work or as a whole.


Main Aims

  • To provide review and clarification of expressions of quantity, compounds and articles in the context of eating healthy

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a In everyday english in the context of eating healthy, also to speculate,discuss and practice expressions/opinions/requests


Introducing the Topic/Context (2-5 minutes) • To set the context.

I will do Starter Section Ex 1 and 2 on page 30. I will first start off by saying yesterday " I ate pizza for lunch" and then see how the class reacts to that. Once they understand that I ate something unhealthy, I will explain to them the importance of having a healthy diet. I will then ask the class to write down what they had ate yesterday. This will then set the context of eating healthy.

FEEDBACK for Introducing the Topic/Context (2-5 minutes) • To make sure the context is set

I will ask the students to make up their mind in groups and see who has the healthiest diet. I will then get one person from each group to read to the whole class who has the healthiest diet. we will decide together who ate the healthiest yesterday with the aid of my help.

Gist Reading / Skimming (5 minutes) • To Present the text and go further in context.

I will do exercise 1 one on page 30. I will first provide them with the questions they have to answer and then tell them they have to read this text to find the answers. I will tell them they have a set time limit to answer these questions and that the aim is to only skim through the text in order to answer the questions. I will also tell them they can work in pairs once they are answering the questions.

FEEDBACK for Gist Reading / Skimming (2-3 minutes) • Provide answer key for students to check.

I will then provide them with an answer key and get them to check in groups to keep this activity short. If I decide to go through it as a class on the whiteboard it will take up too much of our time.

Introducing Countables and Uncountables (5-7 minutes) • To revise what countables and uncountables are.

Using the words from exercise 2 on page 31, I will first quickly outline what countables and uncountables are, however each example would be only from the words in the box so the students dont get confused. In regards to pronunciation, I will pronounce every single word in the box, and get the class to repeat after me, I will then be silent and get the class to say the words once I point at them. If I see the pronunciation is wrong or lacks pronunciation. I will stop the activity immediately and proceed to drilling until they can pronounce the word.

Grammar Activity (5-7 minutes) • to use countable and uncountable nouns in the given context

I will get the class to work in pairs o do exercise 3 on page 31. It is quite lengthy so i will give them more time then the other activities. I will make sure everyone is working in pairs by monitoring them.

FEEDBACK for Grammar Activity (5-8 minutes) • To make sure the answers are correct

I will then proceed to play the audio T4.1, I will make them listen and check with there partner , the class is slower then usual listening to audio , so I will repeat the audio at a maximum of 2-3 times. After this I will proceed to give the class a printed out answer key and give them two minutes to check there answers.

Speaking Activity (7-8 minutes) • To get the class to mingle and use everyday English including countable/uncountable nouns with the context given.

Keeping the context the same, from exercise 4 (T.41), I will play the audio only once. After the audio is played, I will give them a speaking activity. The speaking activity would involve how often do they eat/drink from the words given in the box from exercise 2. They have to try to not say yes/ no only to answer a sentence, they have to engage and speak. I will play audio of a coffee shop to give an effect that they are in a social place. They have to manage to have a friendly conversation with this context and speak to more then one person.

FEEDBACK for Speaking activity (5-6 minutes) • To check how the class went

I would have been monitoring while this task was in place, however after the task is complete by monitoring I would have seen who was lacking and where so I would ask them to repeat what they have said as we are doing the conversation speaking and fix any errors. If I feel the class is lacking pronunciation with a specific word, I will also continue to do pronunciation drilling.

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