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Lesson Plan 2 - Grammar - Revision of Past Simple- Reg/Irreg Verbs
Pre- Intermediate level


In this lesson students will have a revision of past simple tense including the regular and irregular verbs used in a sentence. They will start with a quick recap of regular and irregular patterns. And then proceed to do pair-work of worksheets I have prepared for them to do, they will check there answers provided with an answer key, in pairs aswell, they'll also have a listening task with audio involved to hear the fluency and pronunciation of past simple tenses. They will have activities involving the whole class to pay attention and be engaged to emphasize on the need to listen carefully for specific information.


Main Aims

  • To provide review of The Past Simple - Regular and Irregular Verbs in the context of Travel/Journey

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of listening for specific information regarding Past Simple in the context of Travel/Journey


Presentation Slide (7 minutes) • Quick Recap of Regular and Irregular Verbs

Going over simple slides with pictures and words/patterns of regular and irregular verbs, following an activity to write a sentence using regular and irregular verbs in past tense.

Brainstorming First Exercise (5 minutes) • To get the class in the mood of the context.

Getting the class to brainstorm in pairs in regards to " Amazing Journey Ends After 6,000 Miles" In Pairs and then ask them there ideas on the context.

Practice of Listening to Specific Information (3 minutes) • For the class to use their listening skills.

Putting on the audio of the passage " Amazing Journey ends after 6,000 Miles" twice, Individually.

Filling out the Blanks for Amazing Journey (5 minutes) • To know when to use regular and irregular verbs

Students working in pairs and filling out the blanks of the passage.

ANSWER CHECK (5 minutes) • make sure students are getting correct answers

provide answer key and get the students to check there answers with each other, then as a whole class check the answers also check for pronunciation and listening skills by providing 2 cards one regular and one irregular on it , and when i say the past simple tense word they have to raise the card indicating which one they think i just said in regards to the passage.

Across the channel in a chair worksheet (5 minutes) • revision of mixture past simple tenses

provide worksheet and fill out in pairs while monitoring class...

ANSWER CHECK - Across the channel in a chair (7 minutes) • To check answers

Provide answer key, get them to check in pairs then go through it as a whole class.


Get the to fill out the worksheet in pairs.

ANSWER CHECK (2 minutes) • Check answers

Provide answer key, and get students to check one anothers work. By switching papers and marking it.

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