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Lesson Plan 1 - Speaking Everyday
Pre- Intermediate level


In this lesson students main aim is to learn about everyday English conversation strategies, as well as the sub focus being language focus prepositions. Students will learn how and when to say social expressions as well as when to reply and use a social expression whilst having a conversation, this will be achieved by firstly drilling for pronunciation then furthermore repeating the scenarios and incorporating them into activities. The lesson starts by a listening and repeating activity, followed by a whiteboard mix and match activity, and lastly a pair task whilst I am monitoring which involves students answering and completing sentences by using correct prepositions.


Main Aims

  • Speaking - Everyday English Conversation Strategies

Subsidiary Aims

  • Language Focus - Prepositions


Introducing Myself and the Topic (1-3 minutes) • To warm up the class and to know what they will be learning today.

Telling the students where I am from and reminding them we had met yesterday, also telling them that we will be learning social expressions and prepositions and pre-teaching these words in context so they know what they will be learning.

Social Expressions Exercise 1 (5-7 minutes) • To make sure students are pronouncing the words correctly

Firstly, listening to audio and hearing the examples. Using pictures to see body language used, and repeating the social expressions until I feel the class is confident enough to move on to the next activity which will be dividing the class into two then one half says A the other half says B to reinforce pronunciation

Social Expressions Exercise 1 Continued (5 minutes) • To reinforce what they have just learnt (Social Expressions) - Pronunciation

Getting the class to work in pairs and practice the examples/scenarios together.

Controlled Speaking (10-15 minutes) • To know when to use the correct preposition

Writing Exercise 2 from New Headway unit 1 page 13 on the board, making sure everyone is engaged and mixing and matching as a class of which sentences go together. After this is successful, getting two people up and getting them to dialogue with one another, try to make everyone have a turn.

Controlled Speaking Continued (15-20 minutes) • To Reinforce when to use prepositions and getting the students to start practicing on their own

First define/preteach/remind what a preposition is: ( words that tells us about a place or person ). Handout Exercise 3 on page 12 and let the class do it as individuals but can get help off pairs. Give them some time and monitor the class. Go through this exercise as a whole class, discussing mistakes, praising students.

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