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Eighth TP 10 Oct 13
Pre-Intermediate B1 level


This lesson intends to review some adjectives and teach new ones in the context of Feelings. The students will have the opportunity to learn new words and practice what they already know. There will be a variety of activities that include the Test Teach Test method, some cotrolled activities and in the end, semi-controlled activities.


Abc Test teach test adjectives sheet
Abc Positive and negative feeligs sheet
Abc Face to Face Student Book
Abc Face to Face Teacher Book
Abc True To Life Student Book

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of Life Isn't Perfect in the context of Feelings

Subsidiary Aims

  • The secondary aim of this lesson will be semi-controlled activities in the context of feelings.


Warmer/ Lead In (3-5 minutes) • To set the context for the students and get them engaged

- I will start by saying "everyone has problems in their lives, for example, every morning I feel so lazy to get out of bed so early" - Ask the students to tell me what kind of problems they have every day. - Ask the student how those problems make them feel? Angry? Happy? elicit the word "feelings" - Ask the students to give me some examples of feelings.

Test Teach Test (15-20 minutes) • To review and test adjectives of feelings

- Divide the students in pairs. - Explain the instructions, then give the handouts and ask them to fill in the table with words they know, words they don't know and words they're not sure about. - ICQ. - Give them time to complete the task. - Ask them word by word which they know, don't know, and are not sure about. - Explain the words they don't know. - Drill chorally and individually. - Board the words and label them. - Concept check the words: * worried: am I afraid? am I anxious? am I calm? am I happy? * excited: am I bored? am I happy? am I enthusiastic? * pleased: am I happy? am I angry? am I sad? * embarrassed: am I ashamed? am I confident? * satisfied: am I happy? am I pleased? am I unhappy? * guilty: am I sorry? am I regretful? am I good? * upset: am I unhappy? am I disappointed? am I hurt? am I happy? * lonely: do I have a lot of friends that make me happy? am I happy? am I loved? am I sad? * nervous: am I anxious? am I worried? am I scared or afraid? am I shaky? am I calm? * confident: am I courageous? am I sure? am I nervous? am I afraid? am I shy? * fed up: am I bored? am I unhappy? am I happy? * annoyed: am I a little angry? am I bothered? am I pleased? am I happy? - If some students know the meaning of some words, I will ask them to explain to the class. - This is a controlled activity that focuses on the main aim of the lesson.

Checking Meaning (3-5 minutes) • To ensure the students understand the new words

- Divide the students in pairs. - Explain the instructions and demonstrate. Ask the students to decide which feelings are positive and which are negative. - ICQ - Put the answer key around the class. - Students go around to check their answers.

Controlled Speaking Activity (5-7 minutes) • To encourage the students to use the new words they have learnt in conversation

- Divide students in pairs. - Demonstrate and ICQ. - Each one chooses 3 to 5 adjectives and uses them in a sentence describing in what situation they feel like that. - Monitor and take noted of errors if any.

Semi Controlled Speaking Activity #2 (6-8 minutes) • Futher use of the target language in the context of feelings

- Demonstrate before writing. - Write these sentences on the board: * It makes me angry when... * I get annoyed when... * It makes me happy when... - All students stand up and mingle and discuss what makes them angry, happy or what gets them annoyed. - Monitor and take notes of mistakes if any.

Flexi Task (0-0 minutes) • To provide the students with more speaking activities in the context of Feelings

- Wrte some possible solutions on the board (p.67 ex. 2). - All students mingle around class and talk to each other about what they do when they get annoyed or angry. - Monitor.

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