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Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, the main aim will be to teach the students/ refresh their memories about the use of the expression: "used to". They will also learn to differentiate between the expression and the use of past simple


Abc Student's book page 58 - 59
Abc Teaching English Grammar - Jim Scrivener - P.260 to 262
Abc Execise sheet

Main Aims

  • Grammar: to teach the students the use of "used to" in the context of "Parents and Children". The students to differenciate between "used to" and past simple.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking Activities: to give the students the opportunity to talk about their childhoods using the expression "used to".


Lead-In (5-7 minutes) • Set the context of the expression "used to"

- Ask the students to go back to the text and underline the expression: "used to"

Grammar - "Used To" (6-8 minutes) • Introduction to the expression "used to"

- On one side of the board, draw a pictures a person on the board and write on top of it either "past" or " now". - Elicit some adjectives that describe both situations (poor, scruffy, sleeps on the street, etc). - On the other side of the board, draw the same person in a different situation and elicit the adjectives (rich, caviar, nice car etc). - Model the sentence: "he used to sleep on the street, but now...). - Concept questions: "is this in the present or in the past?" "does he still sleep on the street?"

Controlled Practice (5-7 minutes) • Students to practice the new expression

- Divide the students into pairs. - Ask them to think of 2 to 3 examples about the same character using "used to". - Allow time and share with class.

Grammar - Past Simple (5-7 minutes) • To explain the difference between past simple and "used to"

- Write a few sentences on the board using both past simple and "used to". - Ask the students if anyone could explain the difference between the two. - Explain the difference. Ask concept questions to make sure they understand. - Ask the students to think of an example

Controlled Practice 2 (5-7 minutes) • Students to practice "used to" versus past simple

- Divide the students into pairs. - Ask them to do a "fill in the blanks" exercise (see enclosed with materials). -Share answers with class and feedback.

Speaking Activity (7-9 minutes) • Students to practice the new expression orally

- Divide the students into pairs; one student is A and the other is B. - Students A are celebrities and students B are reporters. - Students B prepare questions to ask B about their childhood and what foods they used to eat/ habits they used to have using "did you use to...?". - Students A think of possible answers. - All B students move around the class asking students A questions while I monitor. - Students share information with the class. Feedback and error correction

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