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Intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss will demonstrate reading for gist and detail utilizing the theme of "public demonstrations." Ss will immediately find personalization with this activity due to the civil unrest experienced in Taksim Square, Turkey earlier this year, making this LP culturally relevant to Ss. The Ss will begin with a warmer exercise to elicit vocabulary. The LP topic will be further personalised through personal questions asked of the Ss concerning, demonstrations. Collocations and a matc...


Rebel and Demonstrations

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson students will learn about protests and demonstrations through guided discovery based on listening visual aids and recordings. The lesson starts with brainstorming about some issues people usually protest about. In the following recordings, students listen to four people participating in the demonstrations. This is followed by a focus on lexis where the teacher checks students understanding of the vocabulary while they are doing the activities (true, false questions- PW an...


Demonstration,Vocabulary and speaking

B1 level

in this lesson students learn some new vocabulary in the context of demonstration by using some visuals and reading some texts.they then answer some skim and intensive reading questions and finally practice free speaking about the topic.



Intermediate level

In this lesson, students practice reading for gist and reading for specific information based on five short newspaper articles in the context of demonstrations . The lesson starts with a discussion about some general ideas about demonstrations that Ss have already seen in their lives. Next, students work together to match some vocabulary from the articles with their meanings. The next step reading for gist, where students are supposed to read their article and go look for the deadline. Later...


Rebel and Demonstrations

Pre-intermediate level

In this lesson, students will learn action and state verbs based on a listening task in the context of rebel and demonstration. They will also learn new lexis. This will be followed by a reading task in the context of celebrity rebels. The lesson will start with some pictures of demonstrations and then will continue with listening tasks for specific reasons. They will have both controlled and freer practice.


Derek and Dave

Intermediate level

In this lesson, Ss will be introduced to the phrase, "at a crossroads." The beginning of the LP has a focus on developing Ss reading skills through practice reading. A focus on speaking will follow with Ss sharing opinion via PW discussion of the reading material. The next task is listening focused, Ss will further develop their skills of listening for gist and detail. The listening comprehension questions of this task will further cement the concepts of dilemma and problem solving. Free...


Amean Mohammadi TP 3

Intermediate b2 level

Throughout this lesson, the students will be able to practice their receptive skill of reading in a rather interactive way. To commence the lesson, the students will grasp a better understanding of demonstrations, protests and strikes as the comprehension of these words will set the context for their lesson. They will run through a gist task, an exercise of matching headings, matching sentences with paragraphs as well as guessing the meaning of certain vocabulary words through a given text. I...


Teaching Practice 3

Intermediate level

In this lesson the students will read newspaper articles about demonstration.


Tp-3 Reading

Intermediate level

In this lesson, SS will learn about protesting and general public demonstrations. SS will start with a warm up exercise that will elicit the vocabulary that will be used and they will be asked about what they think about the topic in general. Reading will be the main target in this LP if there is time freer speaking session may be done.


Giving Directions

A1 level

Ss learn giving directions via speaking activities.The lesson starts with eliciting prepositions they already know,the rest is learnt via demonstration and flashcards.''Where's the cafe?-It is oppsite the bank.'' The Ss look at the given city map and practice where the places on it are.''Where is the post office?-It is over there,near the cinema.''Next,the Ss learn giving directions via demonstration and gap fill activity and practice it via listening,speaking and game.
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